Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Sunshine + eventing = happy days!

Perhaps going out in the sunshine without any sun cream was not such a good idea but in true 'Brit' fashion the rays appear and the layers come off - I have never seen as many bright pink shoulders as I did this weekend in the supermarket!

Not that I am complaining - far from it! Ernie and I trundled off to our second event of the season on Saturday at Borde Hill in Sussex. I managed to drag Fiance along with me (much to his disgust at having to get up at 6.30 on a weekend!), bribing him with a cider and picnic clinched the deal - and thankfully the weather kept him sweet!

Ernie (or Cheque Mate if we are talking posh names) was a true super star - our dressage was on a slight angle which lead to a few wobbly moments and the test sheet reading 'left arena at B' (eeeek) but we managed a respectable 35.5 and off we went to the show jumping. After a very polite round with only one moment of flapping from the pilot we only managed to rack up a score of 8 faults - which judging on previous performances was perfectly acceptable!

The best bit - cross country! The course seemed to be causing some problems but the ground was beautiful and me and Ernie were raring to go. Off we went out of the start box and flew round until silly mum relaxed and stopped riding as we doubled back on ourselves past the practice arena! We ground to a halt in front of what was probably the smallest fence on the course - there goes 20 penalties! It was the kick up the backside I needed though as there was no way I was letting it happen again! Second time the little monkey flew it without a care in the world and after some positive riding sailed over the ditch that had been the downfall of many rider already.

The rest of the course was all a bit of a blur after that, we managed to fly over the double of hedges and the water was over in a splash - the next moment I was over the final fence and giving my clever pony the biggest pats - he felt amazing and I think my face could have quite easily cracked with the size smile that was planted on it!

I am surprised every time we go out eventing that I come home having learnt another important lesson - people aren't wrong when they say you never stop learning! The moral of this story is never underestimate positivity. Riding horses is the biggest lesson in positive thinking - you really don't realise how much they pick up on until you feel it for yourself. I think that one fence will have changed my riding for good!

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