Friday, 26 February 2010

I have done the entry so it must be real...

So over the past few months I have talked about and promised to run the Paddock Wood Half Marathon on Sunday 11th April. I have now entered and created the Just Giving page - so therefore it has suddenly become a reality and apart from being terrified I am mega excited!

I have to admit the past few months my training has been a bit hit and miss - mostly miss to be honest - with the weather as intermittent as it has been I will hold up my hands and say snow jogging is not something I particularly want to take part in again - and what felt like swimming last night in the torrential downpours and returning home with squelching, soggy trainers is equally not the most inspiring of motives!

However I still have seven weeks to go and am now firing on all cyclinders. I am going to use my blog to keep you all updated on my progress and if nothing else drag you along with me to feel my pain!

Keep checking back to see (and have a laugh at) my progress. If you have any spare pennies lying around please donate to my Just Giving page. I am running in aid of Saddle Up for Spinal Research so please give generously to this amazing charity!