Thursday, 2 July 2009

Ernie in the ribbons!!

Well I never thought I would see the day but I have reached my one target of this year's eventing season and I couldn't be happier!

I wanted to get a placing at some point in the year - and guess what - at Milton Keynes on sunday 28th June we finally did it!

What a lovely event - despite the million degree (ok slight exageration) heat that we were facing - the dressage was lovely and flat and prompted our best EVER dressage score of 25.5 - shock, horror!!! (I have to give some credit to Andy Ford who has been training me - as without him shaking up my riding we would have been going round like a donkey!!)

The Show Jumping was quite spooky but a nice flat arena and I remembered Andy's words of go big and made sure I used all the space I had. We had two fences down - one was my fault for letting the canter get flat and the other was just bad luck.

The fun part - XC! It was a lovely course - with some questions but what I would class as a proper intro (sorry BE90). We had to tackle a corner which was my nemesis at Keysoe earlier in the year but our positive riding and increased left rein meant we absolutely flew it. After that fence I really relaxed and enjoyed the course -it was so exhilarating and Ernie was keen and full of running without being strong soI just had fun! As we came through the finish the first spots of rain appeared which was so refreshing after how hot it was!

We finished up 7th which I was absolutely over the moon about and am still buzzing now - unfortunately we had to leave for a 3 hour journey home so didn't get to stay for prize giving but they posted me my rosette which is taking pride of place above my desk. If I could learn to keep the SJ fences up we would have won it - so two out of three is not bad!

On to Eridge this weekend - fingers crossed we get a little rain beforehand (not during please) so the ground softens up a bit. Don't think we will quite be able to beat our 25.5 dressage score but at least it gives me something to aim for! Will have to think up a new goal now... red rosette maybe??!!!!

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